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Wedding Crashers
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Rated: R
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Current Voter Rating: 7.439 (171 votes)
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I almost always love Owen Wilson movies and usually enjoy Vince Vaughn, but with Wedding Crashers, I must make an exception. The premise of the movie is quite thought provoking and humorous enough: supposedly, the easiest place to pick up women is at a wedding, so why not go around crashing weddings to pick up chicks? And that is exactly what John (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) set out to do.

The one real problem that I have with the premise is that it just isn't true. I've been to a lot of weddings over the past several years, and I'm sure you have too. Tell me, how often do you find that there are a bunch of hot single chicks there that have no dates? Never. Every hot chick takes a date to a wedding. To go alone is seen as sad and pathetic, so it doesn't happen often.

With that aside, I was willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of laughter. John and Jeremy would have us believe that picking up women at a wedding is like taking candy from a baby, and the funniest part is that they actually go to the weddings themselves and not just the receptions. They are even willing to take part in ceremonies from various religions; for instance, they are seen putting on yamakas before entering a Jewish temple.

picture from Wedding Crashers

Unfortunately, however, the movie spends very little time with the main premise. It rushes through it in a music montage showing us girl after girl that they are able to get into the sack. There are a few one-liners here and there and then before we even realize it, it is all over. The movie now takes a very wrong turn and this would-be-hilarious comedy becomes a sappy chick flick. Owen Wilson's character becomes infatuated with (and fixated on) a particular bridesmaid (perhaps because she didn't sleep with him five minutes after meeting him?). The rest of the movie becomes something like this: How can this lovable, yet slut of a man win the heart of this high-society and soon-to-be-engaged woman? "Who cares?" would be my answer. The movie tries to get us to love Wilson's character and hate the finace so that conventienly we can all feel good at the predictable ending. Personally, if it were my daughter, I'd be horrified at her marrying either one.

picture from Wedding Crashers

And that gets us to the father, played by Christopher Walken. He is a powerful state senator who is out to keep a watchful eye on his beloved daughter. It is a great setup and perfect casting decision! The problem is that Walken is so UNDER-utilized. What could have been some great uncomfortable moments and hilarious scenes reminiscent of the original Meet the Parents, instead wane by the wayside for they never materialize. The father is hardly ever around or involved. You keep waiting throughout the entire movie for his presence to be a factor and some real comedy to explode on the screen but no. Nothing. You leave the theater thinking back and wondering, where was Christopher Walken? What a waste of a great actor!

It is almost as if the writers realized that the movie would no longer be funny and so it seems that they tried to pull out all of the stops. The problem is that they went WAY too far, and the end result is that this is one of the most vulgar and un-funny movies that I have ever seen. I wish that I would have counted all of the F-words and other very strong curse words in this movie. It would have been well into the hundreds, I'm sure. Add to that the explicit sex scenes that lacked any romance or humor and the "R" rating that this movie garnishes seems rather tame.

The net is that this movie tries way too hard to be funny and really only caters to people who get a big kick out of hearing someone cuss or watching someone grab someone else's genitals. Strip the vulgarities away and you're left with the same sappy crap that Hollywood has been putting out for years. There is nothing original here except for new ways to disgust the audience.

The lone exception to my complaints about this movie is found in scenes that feature Will Ferrell. He is absolutely hilarious as the 30-something (or even 40-something?) male, past his prime, still living with his mom and picking up women at weddings and now...even funerals.

picture from Wedding Crashers

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