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10 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 1010 out of 10

Until this movie, I had not given a 5-star rating. But I assure you that this movie deserves this rating more than almost any other movie that I have seen. This is simply my kind of movie: action, drama, suspense, comedy, and action. This movie almost makes STAR WARS look like the Muppets. But we must remember that STAR WARS is twenty years its senior and pioneered the way to make a movie such as this even imaginable.
ID4: aliens destroy white house ID4: aliens destroy New York
I'm sure that all of you by now are quite familiar with the general plot; aliens invade the earth and are found to be quite hostile. However, this movie is not just some wild story. It is an experience unlike any other. It was so powerful. I was held spellbound the entire time. At times I just thought to myself, "Wow! I can't believe how awesome this is!" Not only is it so dramatic, suspensful, and action-packed, but it is also touching, inspiring, and quite funny at times as well. Everything in this movie works. It is simply unbelievable (I mean that as a compliment to this amazing movie, not as a reference to its outlandish plot). Speaking of unbelievable, for those of you who will decide not to see this movie because you are unwilling to believe (even for a brief 144 minutes of your life) in the possibility of other beings in our universe, or for those of you who saw the movie and did not allow yourselves to become absolutely enthralled with this movie because of your steadfast disbelief in "aliens", then I have only one suggestion: Please move your mouse to the top left-hand corner of your browser and click on the back arrow.

This movie had everything.

The special effects were simply amazing. Not only were there great fighter pilot battles, but explosions and extraordinary aliens. Nothing looked fake at all.

Even the music was wonderful. I stayed until the very end of the credits for two reasons. One, I was so spellbound by the movie that I simply wanted to make it last as long as it could. And two, the music was so captivating that I just could not walk away until it had ended.

Will Smith and Jeff GoldblumHowever, above all, what makes this movie so great is the superb performances by almost every actor/actress in the movie. First and foremost, my hat goes off to Will Smith (the Fresh Prince) who surprised me by doing so well on the big screen as the hero (or co-hero) of the movie. He was also very funny. Bill Pullman (from one of my favorite movies: While You Were Sleeping) brilliantly plays the role of the President. Jeff Goldblum plays a character not unlike his familiar Jurassic Park character in that he is once again very smart in predicting disaster. He is quite entertaining. Goldblum's Jewish father is played by Judd Hirsh who was just excellent every time he appeared. Perhaps my favorite performance was given in one particular scene by one marvelous actress: Mary McDonnell, who played the first lady. Margaret Colin played Goldblum's estranged wife and was very pretty, but did not play much of a role in the movie. The same could be said of Will Smith's girlfriend in the movie, Viveca Fox. Randy Quaid was your typical Randy Quaid: outlandishly funny. I could go on and on about those who played relatively small roles such as several of the U.S. army generals and such (actually, I have been going on and on. Haven't I?). Needless to say, having all of these great people together in one movie is in itself a success.

From the horrific beginning, to the climactic, energizing finale (and everywhere in between), this movie will amaze you.

Patrick's demand: This is by far the best movie of the summer so see it now!thumbs up!

Shannon says: Phenomenal!thumbs up!

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