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8 out of 108 out of 108 out of 108 out of 108 out of 10
Rated: PG-13
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Sylvester Stallone needed this one. After such embarrassing movies as Judge Dredd and others, many were left wondering about the sanity and talent of this man. However, Daylight proves that he is back, as this time he teams up with director Rob Cohen (director of one of my all-time favorite movies, DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY). Once again we see that he is not only an action star, but can act (much unlike some of his muscle-bound counterparts such as Jean-Claude Van Damme or Arnold Schwarzenegger).
However, if this movie were to rely on Sly alone, it would not be much of a movie. Actress Amy Brenneman was wonderful. She also did all of her own stunts! Stallone's son, Sage also played a role in the movie. The cast included some other memorable characters, but they did not come from big names in Hollywood either. This, I believe, greatly aided in making this film more tangible. The audience is able to be more absorbed into the film and think in terms of characters rather than thinking in terms of the actors and actresses. This is one of the better cast movies that I have seen. The same can be said of such movies as A TIME TO KILL and JURASSIC PARK.
Another thing that I loved about this movie is that Sylvester Stallone is not made out to be some god among men. His character is in fact fallible and the other characters are as well. It is fascinating to see how each character deals with this disaster and horrifying to think of which character you might be most like. This movie is very realistic. Although some characters are a little too stereotypical, these are not the ones that we are to focus on.
However, even if the acting would have been completely horrible, this STILL would have been a great movie. Why? Because of the extraordinary special effects. There was one other disaster film this year: TWISTER. Daylight's special effects are 10 times better than Twister's and are showcased much more as well. If you liked TWISTER then you will completely love this movie and wonder why you ever liked TWISTER.
However, there is one thing that prevents this movie from receiving my absolute praise and commendation. Incidentally, this is a problem that I have seen with all movies that attempt it. What is it? A countdown. This movie features four of them. Attempting to put a countdown sequence into a film is almost suicide, in my opinion. I have yet to see a movie where each second of the countdown is accounted for and has the same length of time. It is also puzzling to see a particular second repeated. Daylight even went so far as to beep each second off. If you watch this movie (and any other such movie) and count down the seconds, you will realize that in movieland, extra seconds are automatically inserted! However, such anomalies are only bothersome to some and do not take up a significant portion of the movie.
thumbs up!Overall, this is a superb movie and one that should not be overlooked this Holiday Season. In fact, I would rate it as one of the top five movies of the year. The special effects are breathtaking and realistic.

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