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9 out of 109 out of 109 out of 109 out of 109 out of 10

"This movie AWESOME!" This was the first thing that I said as I left the theater. However, because I saw this on its first weekend, it was Mission Impossible for me just to get tickets. But it was quite worth it. Tom Cruise finally returns to his hero-type of character which most of us prefer to see him as (not as some fruity Vampire). In a sense, this movie was vintage Cruise as he was so intense throughout the movie. Cruise's intensity is of course what carries the movie along. Because, to be quite honest, the story or plot is quite a tangled web of events, and the characters are really never developed. But does that make this movie bad? Of course not. Many people prefer to see action and suspense over a pretty story (which is evident from this movie's phenomenal surge at the Box Office). Some of the other actors and actresses are to be commended for their parts too. For example, I particularly enjoyed the performances from Henry Czerny (who played Kittridge) and Emmanuelle Beart (who played Claire). Emmenuelle Beart was particularly captivating in her role as she was viewed in many lights. I think her accent is just perfect too. The director, Brian De Palme, also helped to untangle the story by showing us at times what Cruise's character (Ethan Hunt) is thinking.
So what is my prediction for your reaction? You will either want to see it again as soon as (Mission Im)possible, or you will be begging for a sequel.

Overall advice: See this movie.thumbs up!

Shannon says: Right on!thumbs up!


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Buy the single tape release of the Mission Impossible Theme Song that has been spiced up in three different versions. One of the producers of this tape is Adam Clayton of U2. These three songs are very cool. I listened to the tape on the way to and from the movie. (No I am not some kind of freak.)

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