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Special Edition
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Patrick's review of
Patrick's review of

A short time ago, in a theater near, near you...
Episode VI


Delayed a week due to the success of its brothers, this movie was finally
released on March 14, 1997. With it came Jabba the Hut, the Ewoks,
and the Emperor. This movie brought closure to an empty space
in many peoples lives and secured the STAR WARS trilogy as
perhaps the greatest movies ever made.

It is now possible for STAR WARS fans across the nation to see the entire trilogy on the big screen in one day. This unprecedented possibility has led many leading analysts to proclaim that this is the greatest era in the history of modern man. (Note: To you many young researchers out there, this website is not really a good source of obscure facts or of dietary fiber.)
The movie begins with the rescue of Han Solo from Jabba's palace. This part of the movie also brings with it one of the four most significant additions to this "Special Edition": a computer-enhanced, muppet-like song. Personally, I felt that this was NOT an improvement to the original and only helped to secure this movie as one for children. I am now frightened that since this new addition is the latest that we have been given from George Lucas, the prequels will lack the punch and excitement that these first three possess and, what's worse, will sport Barney the dinosaur and Lamb Chop as the main characters. However, this new scene does not ruin the movie. We still have the Rancor, we still have the speeder bikes racing through the forest of Endor, and the Emperor is still as evil and as menacing as he was before. One other new addition to Jabba's Palace is a bit more footage as to what happens to the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 when they are first turned over to Jabba.
As the final step in Luke's mission to become a Jedi Knight, he must once again face Darth Vader, his father. However, this time, he must also face the Emperor as well. And the Emperor is one mean dude. Will Luke defeat the Emperor and save his father? Or will Luke be turned to the Dark Side? To find out, see the movie!

The Return of the Jedi has been given a new ending. Apparently, George Lucas was unhappy with the little Ewok dance as the only celebration after the Empire has been defeated. So this time, with the help of millions of people in far away galaxies, the final scene was revamped to show a more sweeping wave of enthusiasm. However, it still cannot beat the ending to STAR WARS which has the award ceremony.

thumbs up!If for no other reason, see this movie as an act of charity so that George Lucas may be able to feed his starving family. And also, if you do,

The Force will be with you.

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