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picture from Air Force One Air Force One
9 out of 109 out of 109 out of 109 out of 109 out of 10
Rated: R
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This movie is great. Action packed and suspenseful, Air Force One takes us for quite a ride. However, such a story is only possible with Harrison Ford as the "butt-kicking" President (just listen to him). The movie would have quite a twist (for the worse) with Clinton as the "Bubba" President or, if November's elections would have gone another way, Dole as the "Antiquated" President, or even Perot as the "Puny and Whiny" President.
And speaking of Harrison Ford, this man is quite an actor. He is somehow able to bring decency to the Presidency while still being human and making mistakes. He is somehow able to be the most powerful man in the nation while cowering out of compassion for his family. And most importantly, he gives us the vicarious experience of stopping terrorism single-handedly as the President of the United States of America.
However, how can Harrison Ford be a hero without something to overcome? That is where Gary Oldman comes into play. Now this guy is as equally amazing if not more. I have seen him as "the bad guy" in so many movies and in every one, he is quite unique. His accent here as a Russion terrorist is flawless. Through this accent, his mannerisms, his eyes, and the nuances in his expressions he is the Russion hijacker that he needs to be. And most importantly, he is somehow able to give us an insight into how someone could possibly be so cruel and heartless and dangerous as to hijack Air Force One and willingly kill innocent people.
picture from Air Force OneAlso contributing to the movie was Glenn Close who is the only female I know with the name "Glenn". She played the somewhat-before-our-time role of a female Vice-President who comes very close to being the first female President. And she played it with the power and dignity and wisdom that we could only hope to have in such a position in our government. Here's a sound clip of her in action.
And last but not least, the special effects in this movie were phenomenal. My favorite was the way in which the President was transported from a crashing Air Force One to the rescue plane.
And I have one final thought. Seeing certain individuals in this movie sacrifice their lives for that of the President is something strikingly patriotic and honorable in a time and place now where such ideas are either never heard of or laughed about.
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