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picture from Cop Land Cop Land
7.683 (82 votes)
Rated: R
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Cop Land will probably always be known as the movie where Sylvester Stallone had to gain 40 pounds for the part. But hopefully it will also be known as the movie where Stallone broke through to the next level of acting.
I really do not possess the words to do this movie justice, which is ironic because Freddy (Stallone) also had trouble bringing about justice. But Cop Land stands out this summer as a great movie. It is a story of the triumph of a man who finally stands up against everything for what is right.
What I truly loved about this movie was the way in which Freddy was intimidated by almost everyone. In this, Stallone showed a very humanistic quality. This really added to the movie's realism and also allowed us to identify with Stallone (which was hard to do in films such as Rambo and Judge Dredd).
But Stallone was not alone. The rest of the suberb cast chipped in and "let themselves go" to the point that they all lost that "movie star" look and actually became the people they needed to be. From Ray Liota (Unlawful Entry) to the legendary Robert De Niro, everyone turned in great performances. I was especially intruigued with Robert Patrick (the soft-metal guy from Terminator II) who looked and acted completely different without loosing that eerie quality that his stare produces.
thumbs up!Definitely a must see! But not for kids or the easily-offended (strong language and violence are ever-present).

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So far, the average rating for Cop Land is: 7.683 (82 votes)

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