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Rated: R
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This is a forgettable movie. I don't know quite what it was either. It was not a bad movie, but after seeing the STAR WARS trilogy, Evita, The English Patient, and some of the other great and memorable movies that have come out lately, this movie was a dissapointment.
You would think that a movie that boasted Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt would be an amazing hit. But it's not. However, both of these actors did wonderful jobs. Brad Pitt's accent was seemingly flawless as an Irish terrorist. And Harrison Ford did well as a New York City cop. But I was most impressed with the three girls who played Mr. Ford's daughters. They were very real.
The story is basically about how Brad Pitt's character, a native Irishman, saw his father gunned down at the age of 8 and takes on a life of revenge and terrorism. He is, I guess, a bad guy, but the people he kills are made out to be even badder (This is where the reality that the movie could have had is forsaken.). Harrison Ford's character, a New York City cop, then takes Pitt into his home thinking that he is just an immigrant who needs help getting a foothold in America. With this setup and these two actors, many memorable scenes could have been created by almost anyone with a camera. But sadly this movie failed to reach what might have been. And the whole IRA thing is left as confusing as the movie's title.
When I left the theater I felt somehow cheated. The Devil's Own simply had no thrilling action, no heart-pounding suspense, no emotion grabbing, no humor, no passion, no anything.
thumbs down!This movie is not what it could have been. It is by no means a bad movie, but there is just no reason to see it. There is nothing new, nothing emotional, and nothing thrilling.

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