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picture from G. I. Jane picture from G. I. Jane
9 out of 109 out of 109 out of 109 out of 109 out of 10
Rated: R
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G. I. Jane kicks butt, and so does the movie. This is definitely not a girlie movie (or chic flick) as many of the male variety may fear. This movie is as good, if not better, than NAVY SEALS with Charlie Sheen which also dealt with, you guessed it, the Navy Seals.
Basically, the story is set up like this. An old woman politician forces the gender-equality-in-the-military issue so far that the Navy grants the right to have a few case studies done to discover how well women are capable of performing in previously all-male roles. These all-male roles include such groups as the Navy Seals, which is where Lt. Jordan O'Neil (Demi Moore) is sent as a guinea pig (and a female one at that). Eventually, the press gets wind of this and calls her: G. I. Jane.
With this setup, the movie could have gone either way. Fortunately, however, this movie's worth is wonderfully enhanced by suspense, and a few brutal fighting scenes that make it a great stand-alone action flick. The makers of this movie did not mess around. They went out and tackled the issues and sugarcoated nothing. This is not a heroic cry for feminism that insults our intelligence by distorting reality, but rather it is a struggle from beginning to end. But somehow, by the end, we are all rooting for G. I. Jane, and for women for that matter, whether we intended to or not.
G. I. Jane shaving her head!Most importantly, however, is the fact that no one, except for perhaps Sigourney Weaver, could have filled the boots of G. I. Jane like Demi Moore. Could you imagine Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock shaving her head and getting the crap beat out of her? By the way, watching Demi Moore shave her head was quite an experience. What Demi is somehow able to do in this movie is:
  1. survive the toughest training facility known to man, and
  2. somehow remain feminine.
She is what gels this movie together. She wins our sympathy, our empathy, and our admiration.
Master Chief from G. I. JaneI was also impressed with Viggo Mortensen (right) who played the relentless Master Chief in charge of training the young Seals of the Navy.
thumbs up!This movie is phenomenal! I basically went to see it just to see Demi Moore shave her head and was pleasantly surprised to discover that this movie has so much more.

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