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Rated: PG-13
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So is it funnier than the first one? That seems to be the controversy surrounding this new Austin Powers sequel. Here is my opinion (which should be obvious to you since this is my review of the movie). The first one was better in the sense that it had all of the originality and introduced to us the main characters. There is not much new here in this sequel; however, I feel that The Spy Who Shagged Me is perhaps much much funnier. This is likely due to the fact that the plot and characters did not need much developing since we were introduced to them in the first movie. As a result, this movie was able to concentrate more on the raw humor aspect of it all. It definitely had me out of my seat with violent, uncontrollable laughter.

At this point of my reviews, I usually delve into the characters and how the actors did at portraying them. But in this case, Mike Meyers is really the only one to speak of. He portrays three characters in the film: the hero (Ausin Powers), the villain (Dr. Evil), and, new to the sequel, the mercenary (Fat Bastard). These kinds of movies, where an actor portrays multiple characters are always fun (such as Coming To America, The Nutty Professor, or any of the Monty Python movies).

Lower Baby

So what were my favorite parts? Hmmm. Let's see. I, of course, like the "tent" scene (those of you who have seen it know to what I am referring). I loved the "Jerry Springer" scene too (especially where Jerry himself becomes involved in the inevitable brawl). I also liked witnessing the beauty of Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham, who by the way was "Mercedes" in License to Drive) who was indeed very "shaggadelic." But what I enjoyed the most was just every time that Dr. Evil was involved; especially whenever he would converse with his son, Scott.

Shh. "Ya just don't get it, do ya Scott?"


"Zip it!"


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