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poster from Big Daddy Big Daddy
7 out of 107 out of 107 out of 107 out of 107 out of 10
Rated: PG-13
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Adam Sandler is a daddy. HAHAHAHAHA! This funny thought is what the movie is based on and, as a result, the Big Daddy is what you would expect it to be: a blatantly awful, but funny, representation of juvenile parenting skills. However, to take the movie somewhere besides a few laughs, the plot attempts to weave in some sort of moral by the end. It was kind of lost on me.

picture from Big Daddy But I did laugh. And that's what people are going to see and remember this movie for. Adam Sandler is the perfect immature loser who can turn on the charm when needed (such as trying to get a girl).

What I thought was the funniest aspect of the film was how it ripped on Hooter's waitresses. HAHAHAHAHA! But it was completely UNBELIEVABLE AND STUPID that the movie tried to make up for these Hooter's jokes by having a Hooter's waitress turn out to be a doctor. (Send me your disagreeing emails now! I'm ready!)

The kid, Julian (played by the twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse), who is sometimes called by his preferred name, Frankenstein, was cute, adorable, and funny. Which is what the movie called for, to be sure. However, what was somewhat disturbing to me about the film is the amount of cussing that this little boy had to recite. To me, this gave the movie a trashy quality, and made it seem insincere when the script attempted to bring maturity and a moral by the movie's end.

However, what was most disturbing about the film was the ending credits. No, it wasn't the font of the actors' names or the speed of the scrolling; it was the music. Having Cheryl Crow sing her remix version of the Guns 'n' Roses' hit, Sweet Child Of Mine, was an insult to every fiber of every being in the galaxy. It completely SUCKED! Why not just replay the classic version? Why did they have to mess it up so bad? These are questions that will perhaps never be answered.

thumbs up!It's funny. You could probably wait to see it on video though.

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