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picture from Entrapment Entrapment
2 out of 102 out of 102 out of 102 out of 102 out of 10
Rated: PG-13
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This is one of the biggest movie disappointments since The Saint. In fact, it is even worse. I was fairly excited to see this film, as it was hyped up pretty good (or as good as you could expect in the shadow of The Phantom Menace). And at the start of the movie, I was still fairly interested. The opening scene is actually pretty good, involving a high-tech and acrobatic heist of an expensive Rembrandt painting. However, once this scene was finished, the whole movie went down the tubes. Fast.
picture from Entrapment
The script/plot was absolutely horrible; however, what was so surprising to me was that the acting wasn't any better. If I was Sean Connery right now, I would be saying to myself, "Gosh! I'm so old! How did I get so old so fast?" Ha ha. No, what I would really be saying is, "What a mistake in my outstanding career to be associated with this movie." But I (Patrick) didn't go to see this movie because it starred Sean Connery, I went to see the amazingly beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones who captured my admiration in last year's The Mask Of Zorro. I was not dissapointed with her beauty in Entrapment; in fact, the movie allows for ample study of her enchanting lovliness. Sadly though, the movie also proves that she is not yet ready to be a leading actress. Perhaps the terrible script aided in this, but she just seemed to make the movie laughable, fake, and boring.
There are many scenes in the movie that I could rip apart, but before I do, I just have to express my disappointment with the script. Ronald Bass and Michael Hertzberg (who has never written a script before) are to blame for this. They must be punished! OK. Obviously I am going too far with this, but take for example their attempt at mystery and plot twists. First of all, I pretty much gathered what the ending would be about 20 minutes into the thing, and second of all, the way they explained Ving Rhames' character was both annoying and stupid and was a complete waste of a good actor.
Other stupid things from the movie:
  • The ease with which "Mac" was able to obtain equipment and building blueprints and security system details was ridiculous.
  • The computer software for downloading 8 billion dollars to a single account was laughable to say the least.
  • The scene just after the downloading of 8 billion dollars where Connery and Zeta-Jones are laughing and hugging as fireworks are going off for New Year's Eve was the most corny scene that I have ever seen and almost made me leave the theater.
  • And last but certainly not least, having a 68-year-old leading man involved with a 29-year-old beautiful young lady is DISGUSTING!
I could go on and on, but I won't because it would be a waste of my time.
thumbs down!Don't see this one. Enjoy the weather outdoors instead!

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