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Office Space
picture from Office Space 9 out of 109 out of 109 out of 109 out of 109 out of 10
Rated: R
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Current Voter Rating: 9.544 (2,463 votes)
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This movie is an instant classic. For anyone who has ever worked in an office environment (and for that matter, anyone who hasn't) this movie is simply hilarious. The story follows the life of Peter, an ordinary guy working for a software company called Initech. Peter hates his job, and we soon see why.

The very beginning of the movie details the very beginning of Peter's typical day: the morning rush-hour commute. Every lane to which he switches becomes the one which immediately stops. Meanwhile, an old man on a walker is making much better progress...

From this opening scene to the end, moments of frustration in our own work lives are brought right out to the big screen for everyone to laugh at. And it is funny. Really funny.

Peter eventually becomes hypnotized indefinitely and begins to stand up for himself and take charge of his life. Eventually, everyone he meets is influenced by his crusade. The situations that ensue allow us to vicariously experience what it would be like to stand up to that boss, or ask out that girl, or finally quit that job. More importantly, however, they get us to laugh.

the two Bobs from Office Space

It is amazing how many scenes from this movie seem to come right out of my life. For instance, the phrase, "Yeah, if you could do that, that would be gggrrrrrrreeeeaaaattt." I hear that everyday at work. And Peter hears it just as often throughout this movie.

I also love the battles that everyone has with the printer. "PC Load Letter. What the F#@% is that?!?!" HAHAHAHAHAHA. Peter, Michael, and Samir finally get their revenge as pictured below:

picture from Office Space


Every character in this movie is someone whom we have known in our own lives.

  • My personal favorite is Lawrence (Diedrich Bader -- pictured above) is the neighbor next door. He is the blue-collar, manual-laboring, down-to-earth guy. We all know someone exactly like him.
  • Peter (Ron Livingston) represents our own apathy towards work.
  • Milton (Stephen Root) is the epitome of someone too afraid to stand up for himself.
  • Joanna (Jennifer Aniston) is that girl that you never asked out because you were too shy.
  • And Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole) is the slimy boss who gets rich by being lazy and having his subordinates work inordinate hours.
  • Michael Bolton (David Herman) is our friend at work.
  • Samir (Ajay Naidu) is the smart guy at work and/or the one from a different cultural background.
  • Tom Smykowski (Richard Riehle) is that guy at work who isn't quite up to speed with the rest of the pack.
  • And the two Bobs (John C. McGinley and Paul Willson) are the down-sizers. They were perfect!
  • Finally, there is Joanna's boss, Stan (played by writer/director Mike Judge -- see below). He is the patronizing boss who cares a little too much about his stupid restaurant.

Mike Judge is Stan, Joanna's boss

This movie was recommended to me by just about everyone, and I am so grateful to them for finally prodding me to see it. And so I must do the same to you. If you haven't yet seen Office Space, then PLEASE, BY ALL MEANS, TREAT YOURSELF TO THIS RIOTOUSLY FUNNY MOVIE!

Tom has a stupid idea

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So far, the average rating for Office Space is: 9.544 (2,463 votes)

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