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The Thirteenth Floor
picture from The Thirteenth Floor 6 out of 106 out of 106 out of 106 out of 106 out of 10
Rated: R
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Current Voter Rating: 7.106 (47 votes)
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This movie is very good. However, one cannot help but compare it with The Matrix. The underlying motif of both of these movies is that life as we (or the central characters) know it is not life at all but a computer simulation. And when this comparison is made, The Thirteenth Floor invariably will come up short. The main reason is that it is simply not as exciting and doesn't incorporate the amazing buffet of special effects as The Matrix does so well.

However, with that said, I did find aspects of this movie superior to that of The Matrix. First of all, I really enjoyed how this movie tested out the boundaries that it defined. It wound up being a great exercise of the mind, as we try to keep track of the different worlds (be they simulations or real life). This is analogous to watching a time-travel movie and trying to keep track of different spaces in time. I love movies like this.

picture from The Thirteenth Floor

Another great aspect of this film is that it incorporates the idea that computer simulated characters are very human, and that they have feelings, fall in love, and have a strong desire for self-preservation. This sets the stage for a pretty decent love story thrown in there.

But the greatest idea that this movie offers is that of having the ability to cross worlds. I don't want to give too much away, but this latter point really gives something extra to the film.

What I also liked about this movie is its optimistic depiction of the future. This contrasts greatly with The Matrix, which paints a rather grim and frightening picture of what is to come of mankind.

picture from The Thirteenth Floor

As for the acting, there is only one recognizable cast member: Armin Mueller-Stahl (Shine, The Power of One). The rest are not well known; although, I do remember Vincent D'Onofrio (middle picture, holding gun) from Men In Black, even though he was losing his skin in that one. He was great here...very freaky. The main character(s) in The Thirteenth Floor is (are) played by newcomer Craig Bierko (left). He did a decent enough job, I guess. But my attention was really focused on Gretchen Mol (right) as Jane Fuller. She is quite a babe!

The music was pretty good also, making this an all-round well-made movie. Problem is, it was too low-budget to really give The Matrix any real competition.

thumbs up!Quite invigorating for the mind. I'm still trying to figure out the title.

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So far, the average rating for The Thirteenth Floor is: 7.106 (47 votes)

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