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James Bond: Die Another Day
poster from James Bond: Die Another Day 4 out of 104 out of 104 out of 104 out of 104 out of 10
Rated: PG-13
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Current Voter Rating: 7.361 (310 votes)
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This movie was a little over two hours, but it seemed like it took all day. And I usually don't mind long movies; that is, if they have something interesting in them. Don't get me wrong, I'd watch this movie any day of the week over some stupid chick flick, but as these movies go, it just didn't deliver.

Oh sure, we get to see big explosions, fast cars, and hot women. And that I like. But it is just the same stuff over and over and over without any sort of cohesion. It's as if director, Lee Tamahori, was like, "Well, it's been over 5 minutes and we haven't blown anything up." KABOOM! "OK. Nice explosion, but we need another cool car to show off." (In rolls an Astin Martin.) "Great. Nice car. But what about some hot females! Where are the hot females!" (Up comes Halle Berry out of the water.) "Perfect. Now all we need is another explosion!" Etc, etc, etc.

picture from James Bond: Die Another Day

I will give credit where credit is due, however. Pierce Brosnan does do a great job in the classic role of Bond...James Bond. He is suave, sophisticated, and good-looking (I guess...I am no judge of a man's beauty). His Bond is as always calm under pressure, up to each challenge, and apparently willing to contract every sort of venereal disease known to man. Ha ha!

Unfortunately, the Bond villian is something hard to come by nowadays. This Gustav Graves character (Toby Stephens) has a smirk that you love to hate, but is hardly believable as a genetically altered North Korean. And, of course, he has a super weapon that is going to destroy the world unless he is granted dominion over all the Earth. You know, if they really wanted to sell this script and make it work, they would have made it a rated PG or even G film and also featured the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or something.

picture from James Bond: Die Another Day
Anyway, how about a quiz? Let me ask you...which Bond girl is hotter? Halle Berry as Jinx (left) or Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost (right)?

picture from James Bond: Die Another Day picture from James Bond: Die Another Day

The answer is...the chick on the right! Don't get me wrong, Halle Berry is attractive and her physique is nearly flawless. It's just that her short hair is such a turn off. I'll take Miss Pike any day. However, there is one scene in which this controversy doesn't even matter, because these two wind up facing off against each other. Girl fight! Now what guy wouldn't enjoy that?

However, in the end, all we are left with is some big explosions and a couple of sex scenes. Now while that may have entertained me as a boy, nowadays it just insults my intelligence.

thumbs down!This movie took the rich tradition of James Bond and exploited everything to the point where it was just too much.

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So far, the average rating for James Bond: Die Another Day is: 7.361 (310 votes)

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