The Best of 1996

top five movies:
5. Daylight -- Great special effects and a realistic script.
4. Mission Impossible -- Tom Cruise took us on a suspensful thrillride.
3. Romeo & Juliet -- The best surprise of the year. Two wonderful performances from DiCaprio and Danes.
2. A Time to Kill -- The best adaptation of a book that I have ever seen. This movie simply moved me.
1. ID4: Independence Day -- Simply the best movie of the year. It had everything: action, drama, comedy, suspense, special effects, and more!
ID4: aliens destroy white house

best actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (Romeo & Juliet) Romeo

best actress: Claire Danes (Romeo & Juliet) Juliet

honorable mentions:
Eddie Murphy (The Nutty Professor)
Patrick Stewart (STAR TREK: First Contact)
Matthew McConaughey (A Time to Kill)

best romance: Romeo & Juliet

best drama: A Time to Kill

best comedy: The Nutty Professor

best special effects:
2. Daylight
1. ID4: Independence Day

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